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Welcome to This site provides reviews and analysis of the various types of bed canes and bed rails available to assist you with getting into and out of your bed. Currently, there are two primary sources for these products, each of which have a selection of different solutions. You will find each of them here, with full information and a source that has been researched for price. Please be aware that price and shipping cost does change, so our reviews do not state specific prices.

We have several categories to this web site. These can be found in the left side menu. The categories are provided to help you navigate quickly to your area of interest. All manufacturer products are in the company categories, but you can also review available items by type of product, such as bed cane, bed rail, and accessories. Both bed canes and bed rails can be used for the same benefits, and selection of one over another is usually based on level of infirmity. A bed cane is smaller and less of a barrier to getting in and out of bed, so it is the most popular device used for assistance. A bed cane is for someone who would spend a night in bed and then get up after sleeping. A bed rail is used when someone has the potential to fall out of bed, or needs rails to use to move themselves around in bed.

The two product lines, bed canes and half-length rails are kept in separate areas. From the home page, you can easily click on any of these categories to find whatever you would like to explore next. The pages you will find here are as follows:

Information pages about canes and rails with general informaiton, instruction, alternatives, and warnings
Product pages specific to the various selections of bed cane devices with video when available
Product pages specific to the various selections of half rail devices with video when available
Manufacturer information to supply you with links to the web sites of the companies that make these items
A Store Order page with discount shipping, and accepts all credit / debit cards through a secure Amazon checkout
A Suggestions and Comments page to let us know your ideas for improvement or to suggest things to add
There is an About Us, Contact Us, our Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and Notices at the bottom of each page

We do not provide information on full-length bed rails, hospital beds, nor cribs for children, as these are a separate category, but will supply useful links for these products on the right side of our pages. If you need an item and our information has been a help to you, please be aware that we are paid a commission on any sales made through this site and this is how we cover the cost of setting up and maintaining sites like this. Thank you very much for your patronage.